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Střední odborná škola stavební a zahradnická
/High School for Building Industry and Horticulture/

     High School for Building Industry and Horticulture in Prague - Jarov is a unique and unusual one in many ways – the most interesting fact is there is an original combination of two completely different study branches – building industry and horticulture.

     The building branches write a relatively short history since 1973. At those times, the students and teachers were given an area in Jarov to use. On the contrary, the horticulture study programmes write a much longer tradition since their establishment. One hundred years ago, in 1909, there was a school based in Královské Vinohrady, which heritage we proudly proclaim till today. We became a proud „follow-up-organization“. We are a relatively young and modern school. However, there is a rich and long tradition.

     The combination of building and horticulture branches in one school may seem as not appropriate one and absurd at first sight but after the first ten years we can proudly and competently speak of a perfect symbiosis between those two branches. There is a connection that shows our graduate apprentice and students as leaders in creation of all those beautiful surroundings everywhere. It might be interiors and exteriors of buildings or inside and outside greeneries.

Following study programmes are taught at our school:
•  4-year-study programmes finished by a state graduation exam
•  3-year-study programme for the pupils of elementary schools finished by a state Certificate of     Apprenticeship
•  apprentice branches for pupil sof elementary schools with specific educational programmes
•  follow-up-studies (2-year-study programme in full-time or 3-year-study programme in the evening     school classes)

     Our highest aim is to prepare our graduates on a good level for a challenging and professional use. A stabilized and experienced pedagogical team consists of highly qualified and certificated teachers for theoretical education and teachers for professional schooling. That team ensures a qualified education and according to the students´parents they all create a consequent educational influence on our students.

     Considering a very good transportation accessibility of the location (actually from the whole Prague area and the nearby railway station Praha – Libeň), we would like to make our school an easy approachable and available place. We also want to establish a reputable and accredited educational platform for the entire region of the Middle Bohemia.

     During next years, we would like to concentrate (except the high-school-diploma-studies) on adults´ education, re-qualification courses, various trainings and programs for extended follow-up-studies. We will also use close cooperation and partnerships with strong social partners - building, gardening and other companies and incorporations.

     We definitively know our graduates do not end up in labour offices – they have very good professional education because they have chosen one of our fields, which are really required on the labour market. If you are about to decide where to go to continue your studies, get acquainted with our school. Choose one of our branches and come around. We are looking forward to you!


Our study programmes:

Study programmes (4-year-study programme – graduation exam):
            •  Furniture and wooden production
            •  Technical facilities for buildings
            •  Building industry – Reconstruction
            •  Horticulture - Gardeniong and Landscape creation, Floristry, Greenkeeper
            •  Economics and entrepreneurship – Management in building industry
            •  Economics and entrepreneurship – Sport management

Apprentice fields (3-year-study programme – Certificate of Apprenticeship):
        •  Bricklayer
        •  Joiner
        •  Carpenter
        •  Painter
        •  Tinsmith
        •  Chimney-sweeper
        •  Gardener
        •  Plumber
        •  Roofer
        •  Glazier
        •  Stove fitter
        •  Flooring maker

Apprentice branches for pupils with special educational needs (3-year-study programmes and 2-year-study programmes – Certificate of Apprenticeship):
        •  Joinery and upholstering
        •  Painting
        •  Flooring
        •  Glazing
        •  Carpentery
        •  Bricklaying
        •  Roofing
        •  Plumbing in the building industry
        •  Gardening – Florist´s and horticulture
        •  Engineering
        •  Bricklaying – Building services

Follow-up-studies (2-year-study programme, full-time – graduation exam):
            •  Horticulture
            •  Building service
            •  Furniture and wooden production – Wooden constructions
            •  Entrepreneurship

Follow-up-studies (3-year-study programme, evening classes – graduation exam):
        •  Horticulture
        •  Building service
        •  Entrepreneurship



        Střední odborná škola stavební a zahradnická, Praha9, Učňovská 1
        Učňovská 1
        Praha 9





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